15 Crazy Things Desis Do On WhatsApp

When it comes  to addiction, we as Pakistanis try our best to stay away form the thing that can turn into an addiction, but every time we make such try we fail miserably, be it smoking, drugs or anything. One of the recent time addiction for people is WHATSAPP, this application has made people crazy about communicating via msgs using the ‘WHATSAPP’ application. Since, it is in our blood to make everything funny, our recent addiction has become sort of a joke now, here are somethings that happen on WHATSAPP in Pakistan, that are annoying yet hilarious.

1.DP disorder


Source: dailymail.co.uk

2.Har Dp par nazar


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3.Secret Stalker


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4.’Last Seen’ gamezz


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5.WHATSAPP status changes more than life status


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6.Text message? whats that


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7.Phone has more value than anyone


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8.’Blue tick’ and no reply can be a life threat


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9.Replying speed from the both sides has to be same

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10.Phone is the only friend in the middle of the night


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11.Never ending picture requests on Whatsapp


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12.Invasion of Phone by the Whatsapp groups


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13.Video folder becomes a No Go Area


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14.Decision are based on keeping WHATSAPP in mind

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15.Communication turns into addiction

mobile phone usage

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