Freedom – This 14th August, Pakistan Stands With Kashmir!

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This article was originally submitted by Samia Saman

Every year, the entire nation celebrates Independence Day with great zeal and zest. This year, Freedom Day would be observed to express harmony with the Kashmiris. As a result, people are uttering their firm support with the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In the last few days of August, there were terrible things happening in Kashmir as the Indian government deceived Kashmiris; they annulled the part of the constitution which gave Indian occupied Kashmir distinct rank while making articles 35A repealing and 370 ineffective.

However, Pakistan has been strongly against this decision and suspended bilateral trade ties with India.

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It provides a great amount of sovereignty to them; the Indian government has snatched their freedom, identity, basic rights, and even their recognition; something that is against international and national laws. Moreover, it’s been a shock to see the inhumane behavior of the Indian military with Kashmiris; they blindly started shelling on them.

Kashmir is like a heaven on earth and the burning, non-stop persecution, torture and cruelty on its people by the Indian troops is simply heartbreaking!

They have completely crossed their limits. Moreover, those bleeding pictures of all those innocent Kashmiris have made everyone’s heart cry tears of blood. Nonetheless, in this critical situation, every Pakistani, without fail, stands with Kashmiris.

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Let’s all do something different for Kashmiris on the occasion of freedom day; use social media sites to raise our voices in the favor of Kashmiris as to show our love and care. Furthermore, use hashtags, as well as the slogan, is “Kashmir Banega Pakistan” in TikTok videos; and set the picture of the national logo as our profile pictures.

Come on, let’s show the world that Pakistan dedicates this 14 August to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. In this hour of tension, Pakistan has fully supported Kashmir and will continue to fight for the rights of its people.

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