Amir Liaquat Claims Om Puri’s Ghost Is Seeking Revenge And Twitter Can’t Handle It

Earlier this January, when Om Puri passed away, a lot of suspicions were raised. People wondered if his sudden death had anything to do with his support and love for Pakistan in the ongoing troubles between India and Pakistan.

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While both the countries dealt with the loss of a beloved star, Pakistani news went a bit haywire with its conspiracy theories. Trust us, you’ll be just as entertained, if not surprised by why we are about to tell you as we were when we first came across the news.

Om Puri’s …GHOST?

We are sure you guys know who Amir Liaquat is. How could you not? The man is mostly known for the controversies he stirs up, rather than for his beliefs. He is currently working as an anchor for Bol News in Pakistan he broadcasted a shocking news.

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He claimed that the ghost of Om Puri was spotted outside of his home in Mumbai.

You heard us right! Om Puri’s GHOST. Watch the video, if you don’t believe us.

Aamir Liaquat dramatically narrates as he tells the audience the possible reasons for Om Puri’s “aatma” still lurking around his Mumbai home.

Twitter’s Shock To The News

Naturally, people on twitter was rather annoyed to see the story break lose on a Pakistani news channel.

Om Puri’s Spirit Seeking Revenge… SAY WHAT?

Sources claim that Om Puri was murdered over his support for India and the only reason why his “spirit” has emerged now is to seek revenge from India’s National Security Advisor who had an alleged role to play in his death.


The video that was first posted by a Pakistani news channel was then viewed by Aaj Tak which is an Indian news channel. People in India and Pakistan were more annoyed than surprised at the footage which clearly looks like it was doctored.

So, have you guys seen any new celebrity ghosts lately?

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