12 Things To Do On A 12-Hour Flight With No Laptop Or Tablet

The absolute worst thing that can happen to you on a long flight is forgetting your “entertainment goodies” at home. A 2-hour flight is manageable, but what are you to do on a 12-hour flight with no laptop or tablet to binge watch a show or to look at funny memes while you are up in the air?

The initial reaction would be to freak out considering the fact that you have just realized that you have 12 hours ahead of you with nothing to kill it by.

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Once the initial panic subsides, which if you are anything like me, will take quite some time. You can begin to see alternate ways to keep yourself entertained on what would otherwise be a pretty boring flight.

1. Read A Book

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When all else fails, the cheapest and most enjoyable past time is reading a book. I read somewhere that it’s quite weird that people look at words on a paper and it forms a picture in their heads. Read anything but creepypasta stories. Just trust me on this one.

2. Enjoy A Light Snack

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Airplane snacks on a 2-hour flight? BLEH.

Airplane snacks on a 12-hour flight with no entertainment? DELICIOUS.

3. Say Hello To The Person Next To You

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With absolutely no entertainment at hand, you can resort to socializing with the person seated next to you.

Think about it, its instant friendship with no commitment. Once you get off the flight, you never have to see them again. Unless of course, you want to.

4. Meditate

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Minor turbulence while you are binge-watching Breaking Bad? No big deal. Minor turbulence while you are reading The Great Gatsby? The plane is totally going to crash now.

The only way to get by is to meditate, even if you don’t know how to. Give it a try, at least you’ll look cool while doing it.

5. Spend An Hour Deciding On What To Watch

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In-flight entertainment can be quite entertaining if you don’t have your laptop on you. Never too late to binge-watch Downton Abbey.

6. Appreciate The Miracle of Flight

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Imagine traveling the distance on camels or worse, on foot. Airplanes are awesome, man. Like, they can fly.

 7. Engage In A Primitive Dialogue From The Pre-Internet Era

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That’s just smart talk for engaging in a thoughtful conversation or even a debate with someone that is in equal agony as you and by that we mean, laptop and tablet-less.

8. Reclaim Territory On Armrest

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9. Pretend Tray Table Is a Keyboard

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We have all done it as kids. No reason why we can’t do it now. Just be sure people don’t actually look at you while you do it. Nothing as embarrassing as a 20-something pretending the tray table is a keyboard.

10. Shop Till You Drop From the Onboard Duty-Free

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What’re a couple thousand rupees spent on perfumes while up in the air? What happens in the sky ..stays in the sky? No? okay.

11. Analyze The Meaning of Life

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You can always think about life, what the meaning of it is and what your purpose in it is. And most importantly: why you spend so much of it looking at internet memes.

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But who are we to judge?

12. Think Of The Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Laptop Or Tablet With You

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Did you forget to charge your devices? Or did you forget to download the series you were hoping to watch on your flight? Either way, you now have to live with your choices now.

I don’t know about you, but if I had to be bored through a 12-hour flight, I’d make sure to bring my entertainment goodies next time.

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