14-Year-Old Boy Becomes Devil – Sexually Assaults A Minor In Korangi Area Of Karachi

boy Assaults Minor karachi

For the past few months, we have been bombarded with tragic and horrendous news of such cases. However, in the new case that emerged on Saturday, a minor sexually assaulted another minor. Humanity has evidently certainly ceased to exist. A minor boy assaults a minor girl in Karachi shocks the whole city.

The explosive waves of child abuse cases have taken over Pakistan. Every now and then we hear about a minor getting tortured and abused to death. There are reports of a surge in not only suspected child abuse cases but also a surge in the rape of women in the country.

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However, in a recent most shocking incident, a 14-year-old boy raped a two-and-a-half-year-old child in Karachi on Saturday. The act of moral degradation was reported in the Korangi Industrial area, as the ARY News reported.

In addition to this, the police have taken the culprit into custody by the police, who admitted raping the minor in his initial confessional statement. Meanwhile, the rape victim kid has been shifted to the hospital for the medical report.

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Society tends to perceive sexual offending as crimes committed by adult men against women, and especially against children of both sexes. Those who commit sex offenses against minors and younger children are often believed to be predators and pedophiles.

Those are thereby understood to be adult perpetrators of child molestation and violent rape crimes. However, as it appears, this is not always the case, This has been proven by this very recent case.

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A minor convicted of a felony sex offense in a criminal court deserve to be subjected to the same sentencing and punishment authorized by law for an adult offender. With respect to the rampant rape cases, it is high time the government ensures to punish the rapists.

Earlier, traders and people from different walks of life have taken to the streets demanding the arrest and public hanging of the accused in another sexual assault case of a minor. To our dismay, our nation has miserably failed to protect our children from unpleasant incidents.

It is beyond anyone to even comprehend what these cruel creatures gain out of torturing children. Moreover, this is not the first case of child torture. A few months back, an employer tortured a 13-year-old maid and inflicted pain over minor mistakes. And prior to that, an 8-year-old maid had been beaten to death for accidentally setting some parrots. What a sad world we live in!

Story Courtesy: ARY News

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