14 Things Pakistanis Do When No One Is Looking

In front of  others, we are the picture of elegance, perfect in every way. Well mannered and well behaved, but as soon as no one is around to look at what we are doing… It is a completely different story! Here are a few things that every Pakistani is guilty of doing when no one is around…

1. Scratch

Pakistanis have a talent for secretly scratching themselves in public but when no one is looking, we go all out!


2. Eat Food Like It’s Our Last Meal On Earth

When no one is looking we binge on yummy food. ‘Sada K Bhookay’

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3. Talk To Ourselves In The Mirror

Pretend to be a gunda, a famous actor or just rehearse a job interview. We All Do It!

giphy (2)

4. Oil Our Hair And Look Like A Homeless Person


5. Stalk People On Facebook

Even if you act like you don’t care what others are doing you will stalk people when you are alone

giphy (3)

6. Pop Pimples

We will pop those nasty disgusting zits when everyone is away

giphy (4)

7. Bodily Functions

Fart, burp, belch you name it we will do it, but only when no one is looking

giphy (5)

8. Try On Our Old Clothes (Or maybe sibling’s) See If they Still Look Nice On Us

giphy (8)

9. Sing An Embarrassing Song

Something that you wouldn’t even be caught dead listening to in public

giphy (6)

10. Gawk At Hot Men Or Women On The Web

giphy (9)

11. Make silly sounds

and the faces that accompany those sounds

giphy (10)

12. Walk Around In Our Night Suit All Day

giphy (11)

13. Watch Things On T.V You Would Never Normally Watch


14. Think About All The Cool Stuff We Could Do If We Were The Last Person On Earth


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