14 Things Pakistanis Can Sacrifice For The Love Of Dollars!

It doesn’t imply on all, but many of the Pakistanis dream of getting settled abroad and earn dollars, but they don’t realise the cost they have to pay for doing all this…

1. We are ready to depart from our country


2. We are ready to give up relationships


3. We are ready to be called traitors by taking an oath to another country


4. We are ready to leave our ageing parents


5. We are ready to call our mothers when we need a free baby sitter

fawad khan

6. We are ready to miss on important family functions like marriages or funerals


7. We are ready to show from a distance how we miss Pakistan

 8. We are ready to point how everything is so bad in Pakistan


 9. We are ready to lie to protect our new found country


10. We are ready to keep saying we left for the education of our kids


11. We are ready to accept double standards of western countries


12. We are ready to become liberals in manners,customs and traditions


13. We are ready to be called Canadians,American,and others rather than Pakistanis


14. We are ready to come back and show our love for Pakistan and Islam when kicked out from some country


Many Pakistanis are ready to do anything, even disown parents and country, for the love of dollars. Should we feel bad for them or happy that they are living the life they always dreamt of!


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