14 Things Every Desi Person Does To Beat The Heat In Summers

14 Things Every Desi Person Does To Beat The Heat In Summers

Despite suffering 7 out of 12 months of the year with sun-scorching beams, the summer season is the hottest, coolest, annoying and funniest at the same time! Because it is the season of mangoes, picnics, thandi thandi kulfiyaan and much more!

Desi people enjoy the summer season in desi style but take some preventive measures (which includes ami ke desi totkay, regular hygiene, and other alien rules of this world they never ever think of) as well so that they could enjoy the whole season. Here is the complete list of things desi people do to keep themselves shokha and awkha in the summer season.

1. Plan A Picnic To Sea-View


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Farigh Bethe Kya Keren Kerna Hai Kuch Kaam, Chalo Chalen Seaview Le Ker Allah Ka Naam!!!

2. Wear As Light Clothes As They Can!


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The designer lawn suits and replica suddenly become popular because “Garmi Hai Bhai Halke Kapre He Chalenge”

3. Tinde, Loki, Tori… Mom Please, They Are Not As Cool As “Chicken Tikka” Is


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Desi moms love to cook the thandi taseer wali sabziyan in the summer to replace the biryani, chicken karahi, chicken … But why mom? why?

4. Take A Bath 10 Times A Day


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In summer, all we do is to play with water as we can in sense of drinking, bathing, washing etc.

5. Wait For The Kulfi And Gole Gande Wala


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As a certain type of bell rings in the street, all the desi people rushes to grab their gola ganda and kulfi. For most of the desi people, it has become their childhood memory but many of them still enjoy it.

6. Deodorants Ka Chirkao All The Way


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Because your sweat might become a cause of someone’s death!

7. Hawaa Hawaa Ae Hawaa



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After coming back to the home, desi people stick to the pedestal fan while the rest of the people in the room awards them with amazing titles!

Galiyyan Tou Khaata Rahunga, Hawaa Khalun Pehle!

8. Buy Sunglasses From The Nearest Pathan Wala


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And tell their fans that, “Ray-Ban Ke Hain Yaar”

9. Sunblock Is A Must!


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For the sake of the complexion, desi boys can do everything! When ami ke totkay become useless, they opt to go for saloons and start using other beauty products in which sunblock is top of the list and keep humming, Hum Kaale Hain Tou Kya Hoa Dil Wale Hain…

10. Window Shopping In Every Mall Because Of Airconditioners And Their Thandi Thandi Hawaen!


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The heaven for desi people in this sizzling summer!

11. Wear Funky Hats To Keep Your Head Cool


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Or some prefer to keep a wet handkerchief because “Kabhi Bhi Aag Lag Sakti Hai”

12. Washing Your Face Every Chance You Get


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Some lazy desi people go for this instead of taking a bath!

13. Put An Onion In Your Bag All The Time!



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-Ami kehrhe then Zubaida Apa ne bataya hai ke heatstroke nae hota is se.


14. Lemon Pani Is Love


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Sattu ka sharbat, lassi, lemonade, laal or malte wala sharbat, are all you need after entering your home.

If you want to add more to the list, let us know!

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