14 Problems Every Desi Newly Wed Couple Faces

After marriage people go through some simple adjustment problems. There are no issues with the past relationships because no one has the time. Yes, some in-laws can be a total headache but the main issues a couple face are pretty small.

1. Sleeping Habits

One is early lark, other is a night owl


2. Khaney Mey Mirchi

One eats tez mirch other eats pheeka now what you are going to do?

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3. If One Of Them Is Messy

One’s always a neat freak

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4. Punctuality

One’s always running late and the other one is always in a hurry

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5. Mou Phatt

Public Bloopers one is going to make public bloopers that will put other one to fits of anger or shock.

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6. Going To The Movies

Never agree on one movie

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7. Money

”paisay kahan gaye ” is spoken more than ”I love you ”

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8. Social And Anti Social

One’s always more out going then the other


9. Gender War

Its the first time both are experiencing the opposite gender so closely so it will put them both to awe and wonder and they will keep on saying ” why women/men are like this ,this, this and this and this and that ?????

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10. Prayers

One is very regular in his/her prayer which gives them a chance to look down at others

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11. Chatter Box

No its not always women


12. Threats

Kia tum mujh pay shak kar rahay ho? I will tell your parents about this. Kia tum muj ko dhamki day rahi ho?

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13. Friends

Both will hate each others friends till decades after that they will not left with any, only few mutual friends whose babies are of same age as their own

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14. Social media

Why did you like her picture? Who is he ? You still talk to these people?

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