14 Painful Moments Every Pakistani Goes Through In Life

Pain is something every Pakistani is friends with now – and growing up green, you must have gone through these absolutely epic painful moments too. We didn’t choose the painful life, the painful life chose us!

Here’s a list of the most painful moments followed by some exceptionally hilarious reactions. Enjoy!

1. When there is a Pakistan cricket match going on and you’re hit by load-shedding..


Source: www.pakistantoday.com.pk

2. When you realize the person you love doesn’t need you anymore..


Source: dailythepatriot.com


3. When she says… “Muazzaz saarif.. ap ka balance kaafi nahi, baraye mehrbani apna account recharge keren!”



Source: www.pakistantoday.com.pk

4. When you work extremely hard for something and someone else takes the credit..



Source: www.brookings.edu

5. When your card gets stuck at an ATM machine..

Source: Twitter.com

Source: Twitter.com

6. When you’re forced to wake up early in the morning to do a house chore..



Source: Samaa.tv

7. When your crush for the longest time calls you “Bhai!”



Source: TheNation

8. When you have a smartphone and no access to WiFi..



Source: aaj.tv

9. When everybody’s happy in the house and your Phuppo comes along..



Source: relieffromheat.blogspot.com

10. When it’s obscenely cold in winters and there’s no Sui Gas for the heaters..



Source: impakistani.net

11. When our cricket team loses a match that could have been won easily..



Source: twitter.com

12. When you’re conversing in English and you mispronounce a word.. which makes you awkward



Source: www.bolosuch.com

13. When your parents compare your exam grades with your cousins..



Source: arynews.tv

14. When you’re stalking someone on Facebook and like their picture from 5 years ago..


Source: www.unewstv.com

So.. have you gone through any of these painful moments? Did you respond like our humbled politicians? 😉

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