14 Crazy Things A Karachi University Student Can Relate To

At about 7:30 a.m. when my office van crossed the highway road, there was a KU point crossing the way too. Loaded with students, most of them with headphones in their ears, girls chattering, boys debating on politics, nothing has changed even in 3 years and it made me feel nostalgic. One after another, a series of never-ending memories made me nostalgic.

Here is the list of more the things you can relate if you are the student or a graduate.

1. When You Enter The University And It Is Bigger Than Lahore!


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2. All The Way To Department From Silver Jubilee Gate

Actually, it is more than an adventure when you observe and judge the nail paint, dresses and eye wear of other girls.


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3. Without Any Shade Bearing The Scorching Sun

When you have no umbrella and it’s hell outside.


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4. And When You Reach The Class

All you need is a functional fan.


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5. What? 5 minutes Left For The Class? And Then You Run Like Ferrari 488GTB To Cover 3 km

Race sansoon ki…


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6. And The Breakfast At Sufi Ka Dhaba

All pure desi style of breakfast; Lassi da glass te makhan malai


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7. You Know All The Places To Protect Yourself During Political Protests

The administration of the university should ask the students about a guide map.


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8. What To Eat Today?

More difficult to decide than subsidiary subjects!

BeFunky Collage

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9. Senti Newcomers Who Have Class At 8:30, And Only Razzaq Bhai Know Their Pain

The point is about to fly, fasten your seatbelts please!


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10. How Can I Forget The Mahmud Ul Hassan Library?

It is like hiking in Kashmir…


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 11. And The Student Week!

All you have is the entire week of colorful events, the competition between the political rivals brings the best in the events.


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12. NO Not At All… It Is Haraam!!

And you either avoid or go to eye the love birds at PG, Valika Garden, the dark class rooms, Sufi Ka Dhaba


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13. Book Fair, Cricket Tournament, Football Tournament. What Else You Want?


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14. The Noise, The Load, The Urgency, The Emergency- All In One Is Karachi University Ka Point


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It is more than that, mention in the comments if you want to add more.

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