This 13-Year-Old ‘Middle-Class Usman Rafique’ Is Pakistan’s Emerging YouTube Star

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Donning a government school uniform, this 13-year-old is winning hearts on YouTube as he posts entertaining content on his page. Aptly named ‘Middle-Class Usman Rafique,’ this young entertainer makes videos based on everyday struggles an average middle-class boy faces on a regular.

Similarly, in one of his videos, he takes you along for a ride showing his everyday routine. The video titled ‘My government school vlog | hardest vlog ever’ shows life from a 13-year-old’s perspective.

As the little boy wasn’t allowed to carry a mobile phone to school, he took the help of his elder cousin to make the video.

How his YouTube journey started

One day, young Usman took a break from his homework to watch some Youtube videos. This was when he stumbled upon the videos of Ameican Vlogger, Cassey Neistat.

Image: YouTube

Inspired by what he does, Usman asked his elder cousin if he also could become a blogger and his cousin did not disappoint!

He encouraged Usman to make his own Youtube content. While talking to a leading daily Usman said, “Everyone I know who has a smartphone has subscribed to my channel to support me.”

My family members also encourage me to make videos and help me whenever I need materials for them.

Started with reaction videos

Firstly, Usman started posting reaction videos, tasting his favorite Lahori snacks. He also made videos on Lahore’s favorite entertainment like kite flying and BBQ party.

Image: YouTube

“Making vlogs is fun but difficult. There is a lot of editing involved. I would love to post a video every day but due to the time taking process I now post 3 videos in a week.”

One of Usman’s happiest videos was when he bought his first mic for his vlogs, as it was a step forward.

‘My life goal is to be happy’

“Earlier my life goal was to become a doctor or a pilot, but as I grow older my only life goal to be happy in whatever I do,” said Usman.

It was truly inspiring to hear such words of wisdom from a 13-year-old. Usman now has 3.63k subscribers on YouTube since he started Vlogging on February 12th, 2019.

It is heartening to see this young talent creating such simple yet entertaining videos while his parents support him throughout. The current COVID-19 situation has been setting a mist of gloom around our everyday lives. Content like such is for sure going to put a smile on your face!

We wish the creative YouTuber Usman all the best and hope he is successful in continuously achieving his simple goal – to be happy.

Watch his videos here:

Pakistani Vloggers have been making quite a name for themselves, whether it was Vlogger Ifran Junejo or the young Shahveer Jafry. We hope that young  Usman also gets the exposure he deserves!

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