13 Times India-Pakistan Celebrated Friendship in 2015

13 Times India-Pakistan Celebrated Friendship in 2015

With the negotiation talks in process, the year contributed to many significant events that will you make most Indians and Pakistanis smile;

1. When the owner of Dunkin’ Donuts, Pakistan, offered free food to all Indians visiting the country.



source: indianexpress


2. When this Indo-Pak couple kissed for this iconic picture at a pride parade in New York.



source: Facebook


3. When the two nations cooperated to take Geeta, a mute and hearing-impaired woman who accidentally crossed the border into Pakistan, back to her home in India.



source: gettyimages


4. When on Pakistan’s independence day, Taxi Fabric from India offered an artist from  Karachi to demonstrate Truck Art on cabs of Mumbai.



source: TaxiFabric


5. When a musical trio from India made a beautiful song for Pakistan on Independence Day.



source: BeingIndian


6.  And a Pakistani army officer responded in the spirit of friendship



source: dailymotion

7. When a Mumbaikar started a heartwarming campaign called #ProfileForPeace and people exchanged messages of love across borders.



source: buzzfeedindia



8.  When the greatest cross-border couple, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik, made this Dubsmash together.

source: Twitter 


9. When this beautiful story of BFFs from India and Pakistan won the Internet.



source: HumansofBombay


10. When Mumbaikars raised 4.5 lakhs to treat an ill teen from Karachi back to health.



source: buzzfeed


11. When Humans of New York’s posted a photo series on Pakistan and Indians offered all their love and support.



source: buzzfeedindia


12. When Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam performed together to prove that art wins over politics any day!



source: masala.com


13. When 158-member Hindu pilgrims from different cities of India arrived in Pakistan to celebrate Maha Shivratri Festival via Wagah Border on foot.



source: tribune


Courtesy: BuzzfeedIndia 



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