1Everyone Should Know Before Attending A Desi Summer Wedding

13 Things Everyone Should Know Before Attending A Desi Summer Wedding

Weddings in Pakistan are a spectacular mixture of colorful customs and traditions. From choosing the perfect venue to comfortable outfits and from digestible food items to the appointments of salons, each and everything requires proper research. But when these weddings are held in summers, it becomes pretty challenging, not just for the bride and groom, but for everyone else as well.


Why do people even plan their weddings in this season when they know how cruel and harsh summers in Pakistan are? It is so not fair!

Here we have listed down some of the major mishaps that happen at every desi summer wedding.

1. Uncountable Efforts Of Girls For Fixing Their Makeup

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On an average every girl makes 190877 attempts to fix her makeup! How can anyone enjoy the event in such a horrible situation?

2. See-through Clothes! Boys Ki Ayashiyan!!!

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In summers, whether it is formal or casual wear, the girls love to put on light and comfortable clothes. But some cheapsters never miss a single chance to scrutinize them.

3. Group Selfie? No Way!!!

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Some chipku relatives will keep asking you for a picture and you ignore them till your mama gives you the “khatarnak ishara” after which you have to endure a variety of sweating smells!!!

4. Raatain Choti Hoten Hain (WTH.WTH.WTH)

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5. Ice creams Everywhere!

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You’ll surely like an ice cream session if you have a sweet tooth but soft drink lovers like me just wait for a miracle to happen.  “Soooooniya Coca Cola pila dey!”

6. Mehmanon Ka Din Me 10 Martaba Water Tanker Khali Kerna!

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Actually, this should be on the top of the list!

7. Waxing Kerwani Paregi Yaar!

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Sleeveless kyun banwaliya mene???

8. Stinky Guys!

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Most of the people never even assume that other people also have a right to live. You need loads of patience for tolerating these “stinky” people who are walking around you throughout the function!

9. When A Child Vomits Because He Has Loaded His Stomach With Biryani And Kulfi At The Same Time!

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10. Don’t Forget K-Electric On This Auspicious Occasion!

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Because people love to chant, “Go Nawaz Go.”

11. Poor Bride And Groom!

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Because they have a 3hour long photoshoot under the blazing spotlights after getting done with the relatives. Wallahi Raham!!!

12. When Your Cousins Force You To Join Them For A Bhangra Performance!

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Should I join or Not? But it’s my favorite beat? WTH.

13. Marquee? Please, No!

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Let it be an open set up! Please.

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned situations people go through, I’d rather wish not to be invited, especially in summers.

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