13 Signs That Prove You Are A Music Addict

Have your head in the clouds; your earphones plugged in… here are 13 signs that absolutely prove you are a music addict!

1. You Spend Way Too Much Money On; Fancy Headphones, Cool Speakers and Anything Else Music Related

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2. You Don’t Need Drugs To Get High, All You Need Is Your Music

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3. There Comes A Time When You Get So Engrossed, You Completely Ignore Other People Around You

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4. When You Listen To An Old Song That You Had Forgotten You Loved

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5. A Good Song Can Give You Goosebumps All Over

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 6. Beautiful Lyrics May Sometimes Bring You To Tears

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7. A Good Beat Can Get You Off Your Seat And Make You Start Busting Some Crazy Moves

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8. Even If You’re A Bit Of An Introvert You Can’t Help But Tap Your Feet To a Good Beat

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9. More Than Half Of Your Shower Time Is Spent Like This

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10. You Have At Least Tried To Learn One Instrument In Your Life So You Can Contribute to Your Passion For Music

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11. You Have Developed A Habit Of Collecting Everything Music Related; Be It Vinyl Records, Old CD’d, Poster Or Even Cloths

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12. Okay Sometimes You May Go A little Overboard Listening To Music Alone At Home…

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13. But It’s All Right Cuz Nothing Makes You Feel As Good As Your Music Does

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