13 Ridiculous Things People Think About You

People will always stereotype these things…

1. Hijabis

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All of them are very shareef and perfect obedient house wife material.

2. Girls Wearing Jeans

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Shame Shame.

3. People Who Can’t Read English: Paindoo


Fun Fact: English is not our first language.

4. White Skin: Desi Cinderella


There is a reason why Fair and Lovely does so well in this country.

5. Dark Skin: Not Shaadi Material

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Dark people be like “hum kale hain tou kya hua dilwale hain”

6. Unmarried Pakistani Men Past The Age Of 30: Eligible Bachelor


Shareef, Shuljha, Settled.

7. Men With Beards: Shareef Maulvi OR Jihaadi Terrorist


Because having a beard can’t be a fashion statement.

8. Career Oriented Pakistani Men: The Best Husbands


Because a great husband is defined primarily by his career.

9. Career Oriented Pakistani Women: The Worst Wives


And you thought things might be a little different in the 21st century?

10. Love Marriage: Abnormal

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Why marry strangers when you can marry your cousin?

11. Pakistani Woman Holding A Pakistani Man’s Hand: Completely Unacceptable

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Besharam log.

12. Pakistani Man Holding A Pakistan Man’s Hand: Perfectly Acceptable


True friends.

13. People With More Than 5 Children: Pakistan Cricket Board

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 We need better cricketers. Don’t be judgmental.

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