13 Of The Most Mouth Watering Desi Dishes You Will Find In Karachi!

1. Halari Kay Dall Chawal

Located in Tariq Road, this is the yummiest food you could possibly eat for such a low price. Best of all you get some mouth-watering home made gajar ka achar with it.



2. Waheed Kay Fry Kabab

The Pride of Burns road . “Waheed Kabab House” everything they have is good but the best is the fry kabab.



3. Ideal Ka Tawa Chicken

In Mohammed-Ali Society the yummiest, spiciest and well cooked chicken you will ever eat.


4. Shams Ke Chana Chat

Using the finest quality chick peas, they make the most Chatpati chat in Karachi.

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5. Doraji Ka Gola Ganda

Need I say more, after a long day their is nothing like a refreshing gola for Doraji, with extra Comelle.


Photo credit: US Consulate

6. Khatri Kay Samosay

Located in Badar Commercial, DHA, this guy has the best samosay in town, even Waseem makes his way down for a “Garam Aloo Samosa And Chai”  


7. Liaquatabad Kay Gol Gappay

Honestly, the best Gol gappy in Karachi, fresh and delicious!! It’s quite an experience sitting under the Liaquatabad Bridge.


We made a video here to capture our experience, check it out.

8. Golden Apple Kay Beef Roll

Near Expo-center these little treats are still far from the mainstream roll brands but they are ten times as good and even cheaper.


9. Tipu Ka Bun Kabab

This needs no introduction and is the undisputed King of Bun Kababs


10. Zahid Ki Nihari

I was expecting an over cooked beef nihari, but to my surprise, it was perfectly cooked. They served Bhains ki nihari and it was absolutely delicious.


11. Nawab Roll and BBQ kay Malai Boti Roll

The perfect melt in your mouth feeling when you bite into one of these bad boys!


12. Burns Road Ki Rabri

Oey hoey hoey hoey! Jatay huway phaati… but it was worth it.



I still can’t make up my mind which Biryani I like the most! Tried all the famous Biryanis, but can’t declare a winner! So, I conclude…


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