13 Manhoos Moments Every Desi Has To Survive At Least Once!!

Why do these things happen to us Desis only?

1. The Most Irritating Thing Ever!

1 copy

2. When Tested To The Limit

2 copy

3. The Test Of Memory!

3 copy

4. Utter Disappointment

4 copy

5. The Biggest Quest!

5 copy

6. When Guests Come Over!

Slippers Outside The Door

7. Desi Aunties Have Their Own Expertise!

7 copy

8. Test Of Patience

8 copy

9. That Kissing Scene Situation!


10. The Salan Naan Issue!

9 copy

11. When You Place Your Head In Your Mother’s Lap To Find Peace…

13 copy

12. The Situation That Makes You Run Like A Ninja!

11 copy

13. The Nara Situation…

13 copy

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