13 Manhoos Moments Every Desi Has To Survive At Least Once!!

13 Manhoos Moments Every Desi Has To Survive At Least Once!!

Why do these things happen to us Desis only?

1. The Most Irritating Thing Ever!

1 copy

2. When Tested To The Limit

2 copy

3. The Test Of Memory!

3 copy

4. Utter Disappointment

4 copy

5. The Biggest Quest!

5 copy

6. When Guests Come Over!

Slippers Outside The Door

7. Desi Aunties Have Their Own Expertise!

7 copy

8. Test Of Patience

8 copy

9. That Kissing Scene Situation!


10. The Salan Naan Issue!

9 copy

11. When You Place Your Head In Your Mother’s Lap To Find Peace…

13 copy

12. The Situation That Makes You Run Like A Ninja!

11 copy

13. The Nara Situation…

13 copy

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