13 Killer Pathan Boys Teaching The World How To Pose!

These Pathan boys will teach you exactly how to pose!

1. Oh Camera! Cheeeese!

pathan-funny-parhlo (17)

2. Kabhi Aao Na Peshawar, Khushboo Laga K…

pathan-funny-parhlo (4)

3. O Khana Kharaba! Yeh Tou Hum Se Bhi Ziada Gora Hai!

pathan-funny-parhlo (5)

4. Aj Hum Mood Mei Hai! Humara Photo Tou Utaro!

pathan-funny-parhlo (1)

5. Oppa Pukhtun Style!

pathan-funny-parhlo (6)

6. Want To Take My Picture? Bitch Please, First Buy A DSLR!

pathan-funny-parhlo (7)

7. Imma Disco o o o o, Yeah!

pathan-funny-parhlo (8)

8. Dad Named Me Tarbooz Khan

pathan-funny-parhlo (9)

9. Missing My Bibi Shireeni!

pathan-funny-parhlo (10)

10. Sailab Khan!

pathan-funny-parhlo (15)

11. Hum Aur Hamara Baby Sanam Janum!

pathan-funny-parhlo (18)

12. Hum Free Mei Photo Nahi Khinchwata! Paisa Lagta Hai!

pathan-funny-parhlo (11)

13. O Khocha! Ice-cream Khaey Ga, Ice-cream?!


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