13 'Kaan Pakaoo' Things Every Pakistani Parent Says Before You Go Out

13 ‘Kaan Pakaoo’ Things Every Pakistani Parent Says Before You Go Out

It is just not possible in a Pakistani family that you tell your parents that you are going out and they don’t say anything in return…

1. ‘Ghar pey kya kerun’ matlab? Humarey time pey sirf PTV hota tha phir bhi hum ‘bore’ nai hotey they

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2. They grant you permission but lecture zaroori hai


3. When they don’t give permission but you insist


4. And of course they have solid reasons for denying permission


5. If you have evening plans

 6. When you’re trying to confirm your plan


7. They do have suggestions for other places we should be


8. If you ask them for money


9. I’m sure we’ve all heard


10. ‘Kahan Jaa Rahey ho?’


11. ‘Time pey ghar aa jana – raat ko mehman aaein gey – kuch tou izaat rakh lena humari’

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12. Right before you step out


13. And of course “Halaat dekho, araam sey betho”


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