13 Bride-Zilla Moments Of A Girl Preparing For Her Wedding

Women do go through pre-wedding jitters and post marriage depression. There are such women who go nuts on their weddings but then they turn out to be perfectly OK afterwards. Hopefully you don’t come across such Bride-to-be more often.


Demand a very expensive lehnga , if your parents have budget of only 25,000Rs ,put your finger on some shit expensive Lehnga and then stick to it



Throw tantrums as much as you can in as many places as you can



Tell every single cousin and friend what to wear and where to sit


4-Show off

Show off your dowry to your friends and cousins ignoring the fact that they are poorer than you and can ‘t afford it.

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5-Catering and other services

Try to managing caterers and when you fail to do so, make a huge drama and put all the blame over them

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6-Master the Insensitivity

Don’t care if some relatives are going through some tough time like death of a loved one. Since you are happy everyone is supposed to be happy

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When you shop, you dont care if you bring some elderly relative with you. You do not give a damn about budget and fight in front of shopkeepers

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Act very possessive for your fiancée, tell every girl that they should stay away from your Prince Charming

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9-This is MINE

No one can touch your stuff that you just bought


10-Complain ,Complain ,Complain

Complain about EVERYTHING




Be extra rude and arrogant, after all she is there at your service the most


12-Play sad

Talk like you are really sad. Whole wedding is against your will and your life is just a sequel of ‘agly janam mohy betya na kejiu ‘


13-Wedding from Hell

Make it a living hell for everyone around you


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