13 Beliefs About Ramadan That Are Just NOT True

People have many misconceptions about a lot of things regarding the Holy Month of Ramadan, some of which are entirely false…

Here are some of the common myths of Ramadan!

1. It Is Okay To Have Sehri Way Before Fajr


Some people have Sehri a few hours after Taraweeh or Isha Salah, this is wrong. It should be eaten closer to the time of Fajr.

2. If You Kept Eating After Sehri Unintentionally After Azan, You Can’t Fast


You Should Stop Eating And Fast For That Day, Making That Day Up After Ramadan/Eid Ends.

3. Many People Don’t Think You Pray Taraweeh On The First Night Of Ramadan


They Believe You Pray It After The First Day You Actually Fast. They forget that the Islamic calendar runs on the moon, maghrib is the start of the new day.

4. Many People Believe If You Eat Or Drink By Accident This Breaks Your Fast


This is false, if you do this by accident, then you continue fasting and do not need to make up the day.

5. Many Girls Believe They Cannot Use Hennah While Fasting


This is incorrect, they are allowed to use it during Ramadan.

6. When You Are Cooking You Cannot Taste The Food To See If It Has The Right Spices/Flavors


This is false, and allowed in Islam in-case if the husband is strict and as long as the person cooking is not eating the food. Rather they can taste it to see if it needs salt, or more spices.

7. You Cannot Use A Miswak Or Toothbrush During Ramadan

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 This is false, for the Prophet(saw) used to use a miswak during Ramadan. Also you CAN use toothpaste; the reasoning by the scholars is that the Miswak has flavor, thus toothpaste is okay to use (if you are not eating it).

8. You Cannot Have Intercourse With Your Spouse During The Whole Month Of Ramadan.


This is false, you cannot do this only during the times when you are fasting. Between Maghrib and Fajr it is permissible to do.

9. Many People Don’t Take Advantage Of Making Dua Before They Break Their Fast.


This Is One Of The Three Times When Allah Accepts A Person’s Dua.

10. Dont Forget To Control Your Temper And Watch What You Say


In actuality we are supposed to control our tempers and mouths even more during Ramadan.

11. Sleeping Is NOT Ibadah


We should be taking advantage of this blessed month by doing extra Ibaadat.

12. You Cannot Use Scented Oils Or Perfumes During Ramadan

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You can. It’s sunnah to wear itar.

13. Some People Believe Bleeding Breaks The Fast. This Is Not True.


Only if you bleed from your mouth or get cuts.

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