12 Types of People We All Meet In A Bakra Mandi

Ever been to a bakra mandi? Chances are you’ve met or seen MOST of these kinds of people.

1. Those who are not sure of what they want out of the animals


2. The Ghair zaruri “tamashayi”

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3. The desperate disappointers

pizap.com14429032097242 copy

4. The Chu****

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5. The loving waare-wala (bakra farosh)

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6. Fazul ke shokhein maarne wale

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7. The “Hygiene freak” Kind

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8. The “choti si jaan aur bare bare kaam” kind

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9. The “Ungli” kind

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10. The “zarurat se ziyadah Chaura”

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11. Them girls…

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12. Jo isi tarah khush hojate hain

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