12 Things That Piss The Crap Out Of You Anywhere, Anytime… Like This Article

1. When Someone Eats With Their Mouth Open


2. When A Shopkeeper Gives You A Candy Instead Of A Coin


3. When Someone Tries To Over Take Your Car!

Source: Gizmodo

4. When Your Best Friend Gets Better Grades Than You

Source: Buzzfeed

5. Fidgeting/ Shaking Legs While Sitting


Source: India Times

6. Too Many Advertisements During A Show/ Cricket Match


Source: Tumblr

7. When You Lose A Cricket Match


Source: The Online Video Company

8. Slippers Lying Upside Down


9. Waiting

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Source: Pablo Garcia

10. When You Miss A Bus


Source: Gif Soup

11. When Someone Ask You To Share Your Seat, Squeeze In

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Source: TNP

              12. When Your Maid Doesn’t Come

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Source: Xlusive Touch

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