12 Things That Guys Who Grew Up With Sisters Can Relate To!

12 Things That Guys Who Grew Up With Sisters Can Relate To!

At times guys are very bad at showing emotions, they always try to hide their feelings and act as if nothing is bothering them. However when you have a sister she is the only one who can truly see through your rough and tough exterior, to the sweet caring person you actually are…  

1. She is forever your partner in crime…

Every bad thing you do your fail-safe is your sister, you know that as long as she knows what you are upto you will be safe.


2. “Aapa” will always help you get out of tight situations with your parents!

If you’re caught sneaking out at night or get a bad test score your sister will smooth over your parents for you.


3. Your sister is your bank of secrets.

Guys may not be able to open up to anyone….EXCEPT THEIR SISTER


But Sometimes This Happens…


4. When you have relationship troubles…she is there to help

She is the best person to ask for relationship advice if your haveing trouble with your GF your sister will tell you exactly what to do. (Only a Girl Can Understand Another Girl)


5. If you are hungry at 4 am she  will get up and make food for you…

Yes, when you are hungry at night and you know if you wake up your mom she will slap the bhook out of you. The only person you can go to is your sister.


6. Whether she is your younger or older sister she will care for you regardless!

She might be 5 or 6 years younger than you but she will still treat you like her little bro. After your mom, she is your primary caregiver.


7. If she’s earning then you will be rolling in the Benjamins

If she has a job, whenever you run out of money you will be running to her for some cash and she will never say no to you!


She sometimes even does this…

But let’s not forget everyone has their quirks…

8. There is no way that you won’t fight at least sometimes

And if this is at a young age you are bound to use you some WWF wrestling moves on her!


  9. She will try out all her insane fashion totkay on you first.

You will definitely know the difference between mascara and eyeliner because you have suffered through the pain of both. And God forbid if she ever used the waxing strips on you to “check if they worked”

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10. If she’s really mad at you, she might get you into trouble…


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11. And let’s not forget this ultimate khuwari


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But at the end of the day its all worth it…

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