12 Things That Are Bound To Happen When You Fall For Your Best Friend

Can guys and girls just be friends or is that just one of those myths that we have been told all our lives. That practically it is impossible for a guy and a girl to be friends and one of them is bound to get too close and develop feelings for the other. Here are the 12 things that could quite possibly happen when you fall for your best friend …

1. They Become Your Priority

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2. You Start Showing Hidden Signs Of Interest


3. You Become Crazy Jealous When They Pay Attention To Anyone Else

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4. You Never Want to Be Apart From Them

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5. You Start Getting Too Attached


6. Things Get Awkward When They Start To Figure It Out

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7. You Try To Cover Up Your Feelings


8. You Cant Share Your Secrets With Them Any More

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9. You Start To Act Like Your Feelings Aren’t Real

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10. You Finally Crack Under The Pressure


11. You Feel Lost, Scared and Alone


12. You Lose Your Best Friend


The best and worse case scenario is that you will most definitely lose your best friend, you may be lucky enough to gain a boy friend or girlfriend in replacement of one or you may just end up alone.

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