12 Things Only People Suffering From Sinus Can Relate To

12 Things Only People Suffering From Sinus Can Relate To

Ahh… people suffering from sinus pray that they may anything affect them, but not sinus! There are certain thing that only people suffering from sinus could relate to…

1. Back To Back Sneezes

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2. The Ultimate Threat…

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3. Whenever The Weather Changes…

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4. You Can’t Drink Cold Water Or Anything Cold For That Matter!

Aik Ghoont Coke Pi K 10 Saal Gala Pakar K Rona Parta Hai!

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5. Always Wondering If You Are Going To Sneeze Or Not!


6. Red (Bloodshot) Eyes!

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7. Overuse of Tissue Paper
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8. Everyone Keeps On Suggesting You Various Remedies!

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9. Many Times People Avoid Shaking Hands With You!

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10. Rigix and Zyrtec Are Your Best Friends!

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11. You Will Feel Itchy On The Regions You Can’t Scratch!

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12. Everyone Keeps Asking You ‘Naak Se Kiun Bolti/ Boltay Ho?’

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