12 Things 90’s People Still Go through!

Before you go through this content, one thing that you should realize is that if you were born in the 90s, you are not a kid anymore. Especially if you were born in the early 90s, this is the age where you are rather called a young adult. For the rest of you, you probably may not know how it felt like living the life that we had, or are experiencing. So without any further delay, here are some of the things you 90s’ adults are still experiencing:

1) You WERE a 90’s Baby, And Now, You Are Old!

Like we previously mentioned, since your minimum age would be 17 years old, you are not a child anymore. You are more focused deciding your career and shaping your life, trying and learning to take decisions on your own.

2) Your Friends Are Getting Married, A Few Of Them Even Have Kids!

Your best friend got married, and then there is this cousin who is the same age as you and they even had a child recently. Right now, your parents are probably thinking about your turn now.

3) The Married People You Once Made Fun Of Are Closer Than You Think!

When you were young and naïve, you often made fun of couples getting married and paid no attention to the actual event. You thought of them as really older than you and probably called them Uncle or Aunty. Now the people getting married are your friends, cousins of your age, other relatives!

4) You Have Started Panicking A Lot Lately!

The more you think about what is to come off your future, the more you panic. With only a few years or even months left till you graduate from a university, you do not really know what the future holds for you.

5) Your Relatives Make Your Condition Worse By Asking You THAT Question!

“Beta, Shaadi kab karo gi/ge?” is the usual question that most of your relatives are now thinking about. Either they are asking your parents, or they ask straight from you.

6) Casual Dating Isn’t A Thing For You Anymore!

Now that you are considered to be a mature person, you are expected to hold a long term relationship. Probably the one that leads to marriage. So if you recently started dating, your partner might be expecting the same from you.

7) Too Much of Junk Food Is Bad, And It Is Clearly Showing Itself!


You look at yourself in the mirror and realize the double chin you have, the round face you have made, the pot belly you produced, and the laziness you have gained. All that because you ate too much of fast food in the last few months. Remember the times when you were skinny and no matter how much you ate, you just would not get fat?

8) You Realize That Your Parents Really Did Play Their Part!

Maturity gives you a lot of realizations. One of them is the realization that you were never alone. Your parents did a lot for you, and now this the time to pay them back. *you start panicking again*

9) The Celebrities That You Look Up To Are Of Your Age Group!

Both slightly younger, and a bit older than you, your celebrity crushes are leading a successful life and that is either demotivating you or making you more determined.

10) You Lack Experience, So You Are Not Taken Seriously. However, Great Responsibility Is Expected Of You!

People treat you like you are still a child who knows nothing. However, whenever you try to be like Jon Snow, they cut you off and tell you take responsibilities in your life and handle it like adults. What do you want from us?

11) “When I was in A Levels/FSc” Makes You Feel Like An Oldie Now!

You remember your past time and when you tell this to your friends and family, this particular phrase tells you just how much you have grown.

12) Finally, Your Life Is In Between Becoming A Mess and Taking Off And You Are Curious To Find Out!

This particular age of yours is when you decide how the future can be shaped out for you. You are planning it carefully and even convincing people that you are making the right choice. You are scared about it becoming a wrong one nevertheless, you are determined to find that out!

You are trying hard to keep your shit together, and that is just fine. Everyone goes through this phase. To be honest, this is what will break your larva and turn you into a butterfly. So be patient and choose your road wisely.

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