10 Struggles Of Having Flu We All Know Too Well!

1. You Leak Enough Goo To Fill Up A Tiny Swimming Pool

All your clothes start to get crusty and stiff.

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2. Your Fever Has Started To make You Sweat Like An Olympic Runner

By the time you wake up, you are drowning in a puddle of your own perspiration

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3. You Can’t Help But Get Your Hands Dirty And Slimy

Even if you pretend like you got nothing on your hands everyone knows you have a hand full of snot.

giphy (3)

4. Even If You Try To Hold The Sneeze In, It’s Not Going To Work

It is going to have to come out somewhere!

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5. Your Tissue Expenses Become Way Too Much To Bear

“Excuse me I’m sick I need to take out a tissue loan”


6. Soon You Start Feeling Like You Are 73 Years Old

You wish the earth would open up and swallow you whole


7. You Don’t Feel Like Going Anywhere At All; Work, School, University Nowhere

Just let me die in peace please…

giphy (2)

8. You Feel Like You Are Falling Apart Literally

When you find my pieces clean them off and give them back !

giphy (7)

9. And If you Start Puking Get Ready For A World Of Mocking

giphy (5)

10. Get Ready For Your Friends To Treat You Like A Leper

“Dour Hat Dour Hat !!! Mai bemar ho jaunga”

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