12 Things That Happen To A 'Desi' When They Have A Crush on Someone!

12 Things That Happen To A ‘Desi’ When They Have A Crush on Someone!

We all have those dramatically intense infatuation days (mostly college days to be precise), for that extremely striking someone. This special someone is the only person we refuse to open up to about our feelings. You go ranting about how that person is so perfect, how his walk is just so out of this world. Then comes the creepily stalkerish activity, a phase that keeps the relationship going. Delusions of grandeur could not seem bigger and more illusionary.

So, if you have felt a little something, something special for someone, then check how many of these are true are for you.

1) You are stuck to your phone ..

crush 1


Its as if every second is reminder to check your phone impatiently for your crush’s text.

2) You know the daily schedule of your crush to perfection.

crush 2

You try your best to run into them at every possible moment. You would intentionally act like you happen to be in the same place EVERY single day, being delusional enough to think others won’t notice.

3) You play all sorts of insane LOVE games.

crush 4

It is as if these games are the truest reflection of your nonexistent, one-sided relationship.

4) If your Crush messages you, casually, you read his/her messages
over and over again. 

crush 5

The melodramatic life of a hopeless lover..

5) It is doomsday when your crush doesn’t instantly reply to your messages. 

crush 6

6) Your crush is your prime target on social media. 

crush 7

7) Your crush passes by, all your friends start giving you the stare. 

crush 8

Your friends have the cheesiest smiles when your crush is in the area. The extremely obvious gestures make the situation all the more inappropriate.

 8) When your crush talks to you or takes your name, you go GAGA!


OMG, did he just talk to me.

9) You get transported to a self-created lala land. 

crush 10

Songs, intimate dancing, magically appearing dance crew and all the magnificent locations in the world.

10) You are on a constant mission to drop SUBTLE hints that
turn out to be anything but subtle.

crush 14

Okay, look away, look away!

11) Your parents at once know you are up to to something.

crush 12

The taunting looks, the constant judging when you look at your phone to check your messages.

12) When your crush finally breaks it to you that he/she knew this whole time, your reaction is.

crush 13



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