12 Pakistani Military Weapons India Needs to See Before Attacking Pakistan

The pride of Pakistan, our defense sector, is armed with the most modern and advanced weapons. The military weapons possessed by the armed forces of Pakistan are the best in the world.

1. JF-17 Thunder Fighter Bomber


2. SAM Spada 2000


3. HQ-9


4. F-22p Frigates


5. Ballistic Missiles Shaheen 3


6. Khalid-Class Submarine


7. Saab-2000 AWACS


8. Burraq UCAV


9. Al-Khalid Tank 3 & 4

Pakistani military personnel ride Al-Khalid tanks during the Pakistan Day military parade in Islamabad on March 23, 2015. Pakistan held its first national day military parade for seven years, a display of pageantry aimed at showing the country has the upper hand in the fight against the Taliban. Mobile phone networks in the capital were disabled to thwart potential bomb attacks, some roads were closed to the public and much of the city was under heavy guard for the event. AFP PHOTO/ Aamir QURESHI

10. Type 039B Yuan / Qing Class sub

11. Raad

12. Al Nasr

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