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12 Pakistani Cricketers At Their Debut And What They Look Like Now!

How did Pakistani cricketers look like at their debut and what they look like now!…

1. Shahid Afridi

Once a superstar, always a superstar! Lala rocking the world of cricket since 1996!


2. Misbah ul Haq

Misbah, the lone Ranger! Amazing captain! His innocence… matchless! His calmness… costly (at times)!


3. Omar Akmal

The excessive use of sunblock did wonders to his complexion!


4. Ahmed Shehzad

The Kohli effect is evident, isn’t it?


5. Inzimam ul Haq

Why did people use to call him ‘Aalo’. He wasn’t that fat!?!


6. Wasim Akram

As fit as ever ‘Kiyun K Main Cigarette Nahi Peeta’!


7. Waqar Younis

Someone did put on a lot of weight…


8. Imran Khan

This legend decided never to age!


9. Shoaib Akhtar

Is Rawalpindi express still on the track? We think it has derailed! What about you?


10. Javaid Miandad

The werld is kamin daon… the flegs arl up…


11. Mushtaq Ahmed

Age got him closer to God!


12. Rana Naveed

The curious case of Rana Naveed ul Hassan…


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