12 Pakistani Celebrities Caught Doing Something That They Shouldn’t Be Doing

Here are some shocking photos and videos of Pakistani celebrities doing things they really shouldn’t be doing. Although it’s wrong to judge anyone’s personal actions as immoral, in our society there are certain rules and regulations that people in the public eye should follow. They are representatives of the nation and when they don’t follow the rules set by society then how can you expect the general public to?

1. Javed Sheikh having a swig of whisky


Source: showbizpak.com

2. And here is the whole gang having a booze party


Source: showbizpak.com

3. Lala has been in the limelight for his contributions to Pakistani cricket


source: www.abc.net.au

One of which is eating a cricket ball like an apple. 

4. Lets not forget these three guys


source: sylhetmirror.com

These three fine gentlemen who decide to throw away their respect and careers for a bit of cash.

 Especially this one

Pakistani cricket player Mohammad Asif arrives at a police station in Lahore, Pakistan on Tuesday, April 13, 2010. A court in Lahore ordered police to investigate after Pakistani actress Veena Malik allegedly claimed that Asif owed her 11.3 million rupees ($132,000) (AP Photo/K.M.Chaudary)

source: sylhetmirror.com

Who was even willing to do it for a bit of  hash.

5. Meera putting Pakistan on the map


source: plus.google.com

…Well atleast on Pornhub.com

6. We weren’t really caught by surprise when this story broke

Veena Malik Drinking Scandal

source: ronkaan.com

Drinking and winking way to go Veena!

7. This one either


source: www.pinterest.com

Although she has done a lot worse, this was the only appropriately inappropriate picture that could be put up.

8. Our politicians aren’t very far behind in the scandals race


Source: hotpaknews.com

9. Zardari sahib please let go


source: macmystery.wordpress.com

Abhi Na Jao Chor Kar…

10. Even our Ulmas like to join the party once in a while

“Where’s my bottle bro?”

11. Revenge is the best democracy

Hiccup…Sorry I Mean Revenge is the Best Democracy” 


12. This well articulated drunk speech

We do not advocate nor discourage this type of behaviour. All we are saying, is people look up to you, the public figures who represent Pakistan all over the globe. If you are adamant on doing what you like (which is fine) do it in a way that it does not shame the nation and its people.

Disclaimer: The article doesn’t intend to demean anyone


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