12 Most Crazy Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings!

12 – Reese Witherspoon ($250,000)


The ring was designed by William Goldberg and is made of a four-carat Ashoka diamond.

11 – Kate Middleton ($500,000)


The ring belonged to beloved princess Diana and was estimated at half a million dollars. It is made up of blue sapphire with white gold surrounding the gem.

10 – Jennifer Garner ($500,000)


Worth more than half a million dollars, this ring is a 4.5 carat cushion cut. It was designed by Harry Winston.

9 – Khloe Kardashian ($850,000)


Khloe’s ex husband gave her a $850,000 on the ring that adorned a 12.5 carat diamond on their engagement. Their relationship lasted from 2009 to 2013.

8 – Hilary Duff ($1 Million)


Mike Comrie proposed to Hilary Duff with a $1 million 14 carat ring. However, in late 2014, the couple separated and it does not look like the marriage will be saved.

7 – Catherine Zeta Jones ($2 Million)


Michael Douglas, famous actor of his times, proposed to Zeta Jones in December of 1999. Douglas presented Zeta with a $2 million 10 carat marquise diamond ring.

6 – Kim Kardashian ($2 Million)


Nopes, Kanye West did not give her this expensive ring.  Instead, this $2 million behemoth came from NBA player Kris Humphries, who proposed her as a part of her reality show. The ring was a Lorraine Schwartz 20.5 carat diamond with a 16.5 carat emerald in the middle.

5 – Mariah Carey ($2.5 Million)


Nick Cannon, the famous television and film star, proposed Mariah Carey with a $2.5 million 17 carat pink diamond ring.

4 – Elizabeth Taylor ($2.5 Million)


One of the most famous actresses in the world, Elizabeth Taylor, was married to fellow actor Richard Burton, twice.  When Burton proposed for Elizabeth for the second time, he offered her a 33.19 carat diamond ring.  After Elizabeth’s death the famous ring was put up for auction and fetched $2.5 million.

3 – Jennifer Lopez ($2.5 Million)


The ring that Ben gave J-Lo was a 6.1 carat Harry Winston pink diamond creation. The couple stayed engaged for a while but broke up later.

2 – Jacqueline Kennedy ($2.6 Million)


One of the most famous ladies in the history of United Kingdom, Jacqueline Kennedy was presented a 40.42 carat marquise Harry Winston diamond ring by her second husband, Aristotle Onassis.

1 – Beyonce ($5 Million)


The most expensive ring belongs to Beyonce! Jay-Z purchased flawless (18 carat emerald cut) set in platinum ring (Worth $5 million) for the “Put a Ring on It” singer Beyonce Knowles.

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