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12 Ironies Only A Pakistani Can Understand About Pakistan!


Pakistani Parents Want Their Children To Stand Out In a Crowd But Expect Them To Do What the Crowd is Doing

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Politicians Divide Us, Terrorists Unit Us

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In Our Country, You have To Look Both Ways To Cross The One-Way Road

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It’s Okay to Piss in a Public Place, But Not to Kiss in a Public Place

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Everyone is In A Hurry…But No One Reaches On Time

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It’s Dangerous To Talk To Strangers, But It’s Perfectly Okay To Marry One

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Swear In English And People Think You’re Cool.Swear In Urdu And People Think You’re Uncool
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Most People who Fight over The Gita And Quran Have Probably Never Read Either Book

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In Our Elections,We Don’t Vote For The Candidate We Like The Most, We Vote For One We Dislike The Least


We’d Rather Spend More Money On Our Daughter’s Wedding Than On Their Education

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The Shoes We Wear Are Sold in Air Conditioned Showrooms. The Vegetables We Eat Are Sold On The Footpath


You Need To Have Studied Till Class 8th To Become A Peon. You Don’t Need Any Educational Qualification To Run the Country

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