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The 12 host stadiums in Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup

The 12 host stadiums in Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup

Our favorites are Arena Fonte Nova, Estadio Castelao and Estadio Amazonia

Arena De Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo


Capacity: 65,807 (20,000 of which are temporary seats).

Climate: Highs of around 20C and lows of 13C with a 30% chance of rain.

Fixtures: 12 June, Brazil v Croatia, 21:00; 19 June, Uruguay v England, 20:00; 23 June, Netherlands v Chile, 17:00; 26 June, South Korea v Belgium, 21:00; 1 July, Second-round, Winner Group F v Runner-up Group E, 17:00; 9 July , Semi-final, Winner Quarter-final 3 v Winner Quarter-final 4, 21:00.

Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte


Capacity: 57,400.

Climate: Dry and warm. June and July tend to be the coolest months of the year, but temperatures still peak at 25C most days.

Fixtures: 14 June, Colombia v Greece, 17:00; 21 June, Argentina v Iran, 17:00; 24 June, Costa Rica v England, 17:00; 17 June, Belgium v Algeria, 17:00; 28 June, Second-round, Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B, 17:00; 8 July, Semi-final, Winner Quarter-final 1 v Winner Quarter-final 2, 21:00.

Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza


Capacity: 58,000

Climate: Daily temperatures peak at around 30C throughout the year, although the city sometimes benefits from a sea breeze. Occasional rain showers are not uncommon in June.

Fixtures: 14 June, Uruguay v Costa Rica, 20:00; 17 June, Brazil v Mexico, 20:00; 21 June, Germany v Ghana, 20:00 24 June, Greece v Ivory Coast, 21:00; 29 June, Second-round, Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A, 17:00; 4 July, Quarter-final, Winner Second-round 1 v Winner Second-round 2, 21:00.

Estadio Do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro


Capacity: 76,804.

Climate: June and July are Rio’s coolest months, but the daily temperature peak is typically 25C. Those months tend to be dry, but humidity remains fairly high all year.

Fixtures: 15 June, Argentina v Bosnia-Hercegovina, 23:00; 18 June, Spain v Chile, 20:00; 22 June, Belgium v Russia, 17:00; 25 June, Equador v France, 21:00; 28 June, Second-round, Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D, 21:00; 4 July, Quarter-final, Winner Second-round 5 v Winner Second-round 6, 17:00; 13 July, World Cup final, 20:00.

Estadio Nacional, Brasilia


Capacity: 68,009.

Climate: Dry and fairly warm. June and July are the two driest months of the year in Brasilia. Temperatures tend to peak at 25C most days, while humidity drops.

Fixtures: 15 June, Switzerland v Ecuador, 17:00; 19 June, Colombia v Ivory Coast, 17:00; 23 June, Cameroon v Brazil, 21:00; 26 June, Portugal v Ghana, 17:00; 30 June, Second-round, Winner Group E v Runner-up Group F, 17:00; 5 July, Quarter-final, Winner Second-round 7 v Winner Second-round 8, 17:00; 12 July, Third-place match, 21:00.

Arena Pernambuco, Recife


Capacity: 42,800
Climate: Wet. It rains in Recife on average 224 days a year – which is nearly double Manchester’s average. Temperatures tend to peak at 28C in June and July, which are Recife’s two wettest months. Humidity is also usually high during these months.

Fixtures: 15 June, Ivory Coast v Japan, 02:00; 20 June, Italy v Costa Rica, 17:00; 23 June; Croatia v Mexico, 21:00; 26 June, United States v Germany, 17:00; 29 June, Second-round, Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C, 21:00.

Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador

Capacity: 48,747.

Climate: June and July are Salvador’s coolest months, but temperatures still typically peak at 26C.

Fixtures: 13 June, Spain v Netherlands, 20:00; 16 June, Germany v Portugal, 17:00 20 June, Switzerland v France, 20:00; 25 June, Bosnia-Hercegovina v Iran, 17:00; 1 July, Second-round, Winner Group H v Runner-up Group G, 21:00; 5 July, Quarter-final, Winner Second-round 3 v Winner Second-round 4, 21:00.

Estadio Pantanal, Cuiaba


: 42,968.

Climate: Hot. The temperatures in Cuiaba are consistently high in June and July, rising to daily highs of just over 30C, while it can reach a sweltering 37C. Thunderstorms are a possibility, with humidity expected to be in the 60-70% range.

Fixtures: 13 June, Chile v Australia, 23:00; 17 June, Russia v South Korea, 23:00; 21 June, Nigeria v Bosnia-Hercegovina, 23:00; 24 June, Japan v Colombia, 21:00.

Climate: The playing conditions in Curitiba are relatively cool and comfortable with the temperature usually peaking around 20C and a good chance of some rain.

Fixtures: 16 June, Iran v Nigeria, 20:00; 20 June, Honduras v Ecuador, 23:00; 23 June, Australia v Spain, 17:00; 26 June, Algeria v Russia, 21:00.

Estadio Amazonia, Manaus

Capacity: 42,374

Climate: Difficult. Tropical heat with tropical storms. Highs are a toasty 30C with a 40% chance of thunderstorms in June, with humidity up to 80%. Expect to see plenty of drinks breaks.

Fixtures: 14 June, England v Italy, 23:00; 18 June, Cameroon v Croatia, 23:00; 22 June, United States v Portugal, 23:00; 25 June, Honduras v Switzerland, 21:00.

Estadio Das Dunas, Natal


Capacity: 42,086.

Climate: Humidity could be a problem for players in Natal, with an average of 97% humidity in the middle of June. That drops down as the tournament progresses however.

Fixtures: 13 June, Mexico v Cameroon, 17:00; 16 June, Ghana v United States, 23:00; 19 June, Japan v Greece, 23:00; 24 June, Italy v Uruguay, 17:00;

Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre

Capacity: 48,849.

Climate: It can get down to a chilly 10C at Porte Alegre in June and July with highs only around 19C.

Fixtures: 15 June, France v Honduras, 20:00; 18 June, Australia v Netherlands, 17:00; 22 June, South Korea v Algeria, 20:00; 25 June, Nigeria v Argentina, 17:00; 30 June, Second-round, Winner Group G v Runner-up Group H, 21:00.

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