12 Outrageous Theories We thought in our Childhood about ‘How Babies are Born’

It’s amazing to see how innocent we were as kids and how cute were our theories about birth/baby making. The well-kept secret was to us revealed as we grew older; however, our theories back then were hilarious! We questioned 12 people about their childhood theory on how they thought babies were born and their responses were simply side-splitting.

1.  A Bird/ Angel From The Heaven Leaves Them On The Doorstep

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (1)

2. Someone Throws Them Down From An Airplane And Whoever Catches Becomes Their Parents


3. Kissing

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (10)

4. Drinking/Eating  Husband’s Jhoota (Sharing Food/Drink) Makes The Wife Pregnant

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (13)

5. Sleeping in the Same Bed

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (3)

6. When Couples Pray Together God Blesses Them With A Baby

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (9)

7. When Husband And Wife Treat Each Other Well, God Gifts Them A Baby!

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (7)

8. Someone Knocks At The Door And Hands Over The Baby!


9. Women Get Pregnant By Default At A Certain Age

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (2)

10. After 1 Year Of Marriage Babies Are Born Automatically, By Default!

Pregnant Couple

11. Mother Eats A Seed Which Grows Into A Baby And After It Is Fully Developed, She Vomits It Out!

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (4)

12. Couples Buy Babies From The Hospital

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (5)

Hilarious? We thought so! What was your childhood theory? Let us know in the comments below!

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