12 Outrageous Theories We thought in our Childhood about 'How Babies are Born'

12 Outrageous Theories We thought in our Childhood about ‘How Babies are Born’

It’s amazing to see how innocent we were as kids and how cute were our theories about birth/baby making. The well-kept secret was to us revealed as we grew older; however, our theories back then were hilarious! We questioned 12 people about their childhood theory on how they thought babies were born and their responses were simply side-splitting.

1.  A Bird/ Angel From The Heaven Leaves Them On The Doorstep

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (1)

2. Someone Throws Them Down From An Airplane And Whoever Catches Becomes Their Parents


3. Kissing

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (10)

4. Drinking/Eating  Husband’s Jhoota (Sharing Food/Drink) Makes The Wife Pregnant

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (13)

5. Sleeping in the Same Bed

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (3)

6. When Couples Pray Together God Blesses Them With A Baby

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (9)

7. When Husband And Wife Treat Each Other Well, God Gifts Them A Baby!

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (7)

8. Someone Knocks At The Door And Hands Over The Baby!


9. Women Get Pregnant By Default At A Certain Age

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (2)

10. After 1 Year Of Marriage Babies Are Born Automatically, By Default!

Pregnant Couple

11. Mother Eats A Seed Which Grows Into A Baby And After It Is Fully Developed, She Vomits It Out!

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (4)

12. Couples Buy Babies From The Hospital

how-babies-are-born-parhlo (5)

Hilarious? We thought so! What was your childhood theory? Let us know in the comments below!

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