12 Best Miss Universe Tweets And Memes

The internet left no stone unturned in making jokes out of the Miss Universe fiasco. Social media flooded with memes and tweets regarding the mix up. Here’s a list of the best Miss Universe tweets and memes on the internet;

1. When securing the third position didn’t seem that bad an idea;

Source: memecenter.com

2. But if you see the disaster in a positive light..


Source: sheknows.com

3. If you had to describe the situation using songs..



Source: gabworthy.com

4. Burger King rose to the occasion;



Source: ok.co.uk

5. And since we’ve always wanted Leo to get his elusive Oscar;

capture 2

Source: twitter.com

6. Your parents have always warned you;

alhamdulilahSource: facebook.com

7. And to make matters worse, Steve Harvey misspells both the names when apologizing;


Source: newsbeat.co.ke

8. Really, he had it coming;

steve harvey-tumblr

Source: tumblr.com

9. Guess who’s NOT buying this;


Source: twitter.com

10. Throw finance into the equation, and it’s still so relevant;


Source: twitter.com

11. Really, what’s the big deal? it’s just an update..

Capture 3

Source: twitter.com

12. And now that we’re done ridiculing him, let’s appreciate the courage he had to own up to his mistake in front of the world. Or the universe.

Capture 4

Source: twitter.com

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