12 Annoying Comments Every Desi Girl Receives While Shopping

Ladies experience very funny and annoying comments when they enter a bazar. Especially a bazar for clothes where shopkeepers holler at them such comical names as baby, baji, aapa or guriya. They also give them a cynical smile which irritates the hell out of them but they have to endure it due to their shopping needs. There are many types of these salesmen, who, with their different class and traits, try to invite you to shop, with customized nasty comments which annoy you but you look past it because the stuff you are looking for, is displayed at their very shop.

1. If you are dressed up in western clothes – you are a Guriya or a Baby or Chanda, too

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2. If you are wrapped up in dopatta or chaadar – you are a Baji

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3. If an additional veil hides your face – you are their Khalaezgif.com-add-text (8)

4. And obviously, if you are aged, no matter what you wear – You are an Amma jee

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At the time of bargaining, few sentences are a must in the conversation and here are the reasons why they occur:

5. The moment you step in the market, the hunt game at both the sides, begins

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6. This happens when you pass by and try to avoid the caller


7. When they judge that you are looking for something cheaper in price

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8. When bargaining worsens and you are about to leave the shop

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9. You have spent much time at one shop and buy one item only

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10. When you are confused between many

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11. When he figures out you are indecisive

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12. When you argue too much upon the price

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