12 Acute Signs That You Are A Shopaholic!

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These are just the basic symptoms, there can be many others depending upon the seriousness of your case.

1. Magic Words


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The words ‘mall,’ ‘shop,’ ‘shopping,’ and ‘bazar’ push you in a state of euphoria. They are like candy to our ears, a  lollipop to the brain and a chocolate shot for the soul.

2. Heaven/ Haven On Earth


Source: This, On Purpose

If someone asked you; where do you turn to find solace? Or the most beautiful place you have ever visited? Or where will you take asylum if need be? As an answer for some weird reason the word “MALL” pops up in your brain, it surely baffles the questioner but you know where your happiness lies.

3. No Leaving!


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You are the saddest when it is time exit these sacred premises, and to assuage your discomfort you immediately start planning your next visit here.

4. Secret Savings


Source: International Business Times

There is always a secret saving of yours that you hide in a secret, hideous and a good way off hidey-hole which is away from the reach of any tangible or intangible force, and my dear fellow, THAT saving will lead you again to the food for soul, shopping!

5. Website A, B, C- Check!


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You have registered yourself on every shopping website that you can hunt down on the internet, and each is loaded with wishlists and full to the brim shopping carts. Of course, you will buy them soon.

6. Organized Addict


Source: Student Stories

Since you are a neatly organized addict, you always maintain checklist(s) of things you bought and things yet to buy.

7. Scary Bills


Source: Le Théâtre de mon Cerveau

Credit card bills/ bank statements do scare you, they do fight you to every bit but not because the hefty amount they state but because you ran out of your credit limit!

8. Same Stuff, So What!

You drool outside every shop you pass by. If a bag looks good in red, yellow, blue and black, you will want to buy all regardless of the similarity in design. Same stuff doesn’t bother you.


Source: College Candy

9. You Shop, You Flaunt


Source: Her Campus

Yes, there is this slight tendency of flaunting your collections to family and friends. You do try to sound subtle but well it is flaunting anyway.

10. Knowledge Is Power

You are well equipped with the knowledge of this or that mall with this or that sale.


Source: Pinterest

11. Offensive


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You are offended if someone doesn’t understand your need to shop, come-on! At times it’s a sport and at times a necessity but its worth every penny!

12. Window Shopping – Give Me A Break!


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You disbelieve in Window Shopping. What on earth is it, a tactic to set you on fire? Or, or, a way to ignite your desires? You don’t want to shop? don’t go; but if you do then pass the windows, enter through the doors hit your favorites and shop like it’s the end!

Diagnosis: Dear reader, if you experience all or majority of the signs, I diagnose you with a serious case of shopaholic-ism. Happy Shopping!


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