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Over about 9 years ago, I was told by doctors that I’m suffering from severe diphtheria. I was the misfit for surgery, I was on medication for over 6 months and was totally fed up of all those tablets, syrups blah blah. I was operated finally in July 2007. It was 5th of July. I recovered from my illness but I got issues with my right ear.

Honestly, it didn’t mess up with me this worse. Over a week ago, I visited the doctor and he told me that I’m suffering from “Tinnitus”. This is caused due to damaged nerves or somehow weak nerves, and there were various factors which contributed to it. After few days I got allergy I don’t know why, how and when. I was totally fed up with everything. I decided to ignore this allergy.


Source: ScienceAlert

But last evening my nerves started to pain severely I couldn’t bear that pain and went completely unconscious. Well, it wasn’t bad, though I got relaxation from that pain. This morning (18 August 2016) I got another nervous pain and my head shook literally for two minutes and I went unconscious for an hour. When I woke up, I felt something wrong with my right ear. It was malfunctioning, I lost my right ear partially and I wonder if I’ll lose it gradually?

Point is, I now realize the worth of having complete and perfect senses.


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