An 11-Year-Old Blind Girl, Sonia Was Raped By Her Relative In Sindh And This World Is Becoming Vicious!

In the last 5 years, child abuse cases have been increased by a huge percentage. According to the NGO Sahil’s report, only in 2018, more than 3500 cases of child abuse were reported in Pakistan and the most affected areas were Punjab, followed by Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The report was compiled and titled ‘Cruel Numbers 2018’ after monitoring 85 regional and national newspapers and information gathered from the cases that had been reported throughout the year.

The numbers are a sight of huge failure of the law enforcing agencies and their miserable conditions. The atmosphere of pedophilia prevailing in the country is gradually catching pace and no security policies have been made yet. Day by day sexual abuse cases are piling up but no one to provide justice to the victim. Now, parents don’t even feel safe sending their kids alone outside. No idea where do these desperate thoughts even come from but the ones in power should definitely create some policies to eradicate these sick elements from the society.

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Sonia, the blind girl who saw the world’s brutal colors without her eyes!

Yet again, another case of minor’s rape from Sindh area was reported. An 11-year-old minor blind girl, Sonia Solangi was allegedly raped by her relative named Dadlo Solangi in Moro, Sindh. The cold-blooded psychopath took the blind minor to a nearby field and raped her. Later the sexual predator was arrested by the town police after a First Information Report (FIR) was lodged by the victim’s family and was then sent on a three-day physical remand. According to the local police, the medical test results of the 11-year-old minor will be coming in the next two weeks along with the final report.

This is Sonia, the 11-year-old blind victim!


Sonia’s family in sheer sadness after getting to know about the incident!


This is not the first case and everybody knows if the security conditions remained the same, it won’t be the last. Similar cases have been reported in the past as well but no proper action had been taken against the culprit, EVER! The police arrest the culprit every time and no proper punishment is given, EVER! The concerned authorities and the citizen protection bureaus should take some extreme measures against the monsters involved in these cases that it set an example for other sick minds that only the fear of punishment is enough for them.

May Allah keep everyone and every child safe from these ill-minds (AMEEN).

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