Acne Woes: Top Eleven ways to get rid of Acne fast!

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How do you get rid of pimples instantly?

Everyone has had acne; everyone has been there. Each person has their acne woes. You know where these un-announced guests pop up on the faces, which make us question, how do we get rid of pimples fast?? How do we get that clear skin?

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Most adults have or are experiencing enormous crops of these erupting all over their faces as if puberty wants to announce to the world (if they haven’t yet figured it out) in bright bold letters, “I HAVE ARRIVED’. As if, people’s rude remarks about acne weren’t enough.

How Does Acne start?


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During puberty the strong hormonal surges the body is going through, both men and women experience a surge in androgens. An increase in progesterone in women during pregnancy also increases acne for the same reasons.

And these hormones cause an increased amount of sebum production. This leads to clogging of the sebaceous glands from which they are secreted, like an overload. This can then be worsened by a bacterial infection (two most common culprits P. bacterium and Staph Aureus).

How do I get rid of hormonal acne?

The body reacts to the bacterial infection by eliciting an immune response which leads to inflammation and thus the end product is that ugly looking, nasty, pustule or pimple on one’s face.

These little buggers can really have an impact on your self-esteem and overall confidence.

How to get rid of acne fast

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Now that we’ve understood all that, how do you get rid of pimples instantly?

Well, first of all, there is no ‘fast’ way to get rid of acne. All treatments take time. But here are some doctor-approved methods of what one can do to get clear skin and rid yourself of those ugly pimples.

What is the best way to clear up acne?

Cut out the Sugars for clear skin

Research shows that sugary food and drinks i.e. food with a high content of sugar or carbohydrate is linked with a high risk of acne. So cut back on those juices with artificial sweeteners, sodas, chips, potatoes and such. Cutting these out will definitely lead to glowing, healthy and clear skin.

Do not pop your pimples!

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This is a big no-no! Yes, they look horrible, and yes they are troubling and even painful, but popping does more damage. How so?

Well, when you pop the pimple, the pus inside spreads to the surrounding area and causes further spread of the bacteria. Which means, bye-bye clear skin.

Do not touch the pimples

By constantly touching them and then touching other areas of the face, one spreads the infective bacteria from one part of the face to another causing a sprout of acne.

Do not over-exfoliate and prevent acne

Exfoliation means to rub off the topmost layers of the skin, to help promote newer cells to come upwards. This helps shed off the cells blocking the pores which lead to sebum retention and thus acne and pimples.


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However, over exfoliation can do more damage because that rids one’s skin of the natural protective barrier that skin cells form thus making one prone to pimples.

Hydrate, to get that clear skin!

This should be one’s mantra in life. We take this blessing way to easy.

It is the solution for so many underlying problems and diseases. Water keeps the skin hydrated and nourished and keeps a balance on the oil secretions. This is also one of the many natural ways to keep acne at bay,

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What is the best product for acne?


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For oily skin, use an oil-based cleanser to prevent acne

What does that mean? Won’t that cause even more oily skin and pimples? Errrr….no.

So, if one uses oil control cleansers and moisturizers at all times this will dry up and parch the skin. The skin glands will react by producing more oily secretions and acne.

But if there’s enough mild oil on the skin that isn’t disrupting the normal skin barrier, this will keep overproduction of oil in check and promote clear skin.

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Use mild cleansers (preferably anti-acne).

One shouldn’t start banking up one highly concentrated anti-acne treatments with high contents of salicylic acid or any other anti-acne ingredient.

These can all lead to further disruption of the normal skin, and worsen the acne. Instead, use mild cleansers that will let the intended products do their work anf help you get clear skin!


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Use cold compresses on acne

Cold compresses help with the pain and helps shrink the pimples.

Always remove makeup, moisturizer, sunblock to get rid of acne

Always remove these at the end of the day with a mild cleanser. This is the one key to clear skin that could solve all your problems!

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Use topical anti-acne treatments:

Topical treatments mean treatments that can be applied to the skin. There are several different drugs that target the ugly looking pimples and help get rid of acne once and for all.

Salicylic acid as an anti-acne treatment

This is a huge favorite and has shown great results, due to its antibacterial properties. However, when using a treatment, it is always best to have it be approved by a dermatologist, as not all skin is the same.

Another important factor is to make sure the product does not contain a high amount of alcohol, as this worsens the blocking of pores and thus acne.


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With so many skincare brands, and out of proportion marketing, one must remember to always buy products with the least amount of ingredients, and more of the active ingredient which in this case is salicylic acid.

An easy hack at home is to crush that aspirin tablet in clean distilled water and apply it on the spot.

Lactic acid for acne

Lactic acid has also been proven to show a substantial decrease in the acne through alteration of skin ph. Basically, it changes the pH that is required for the skin bacteria to thrive in.

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Glycolic acid to prevent acne

This substance disrupts the bonds between skin cells, causing them to break off and shed.  This thus helps to remove the dead skin cells clogging the pores leading to acne.

AHA/BHA (Alpha hydroxyl acid/ Beta hydroxyl acid) and it’s a role in preventing acne:

This Alpha hydroxyl acid basically comprises of Glycolic acid, malic acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, and several others.

All these help in superficial skin exfoliation a process known as chemical peeling. This help gets rid of superficial layers of dead skin cells thus preventing clogging of pores.

Beta hydroxyl acid consists of salicylic acid and citric acid; these do the same things as AHA but at a deeper level of skin cells.

These are a safer option to get rid of acne in pregnant or nursing women with acne.


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Retinoid, Retinol and retinoic acids:

All these are vitamin A derivatives and help skin turnover, thereby preventing the accumulation of dead skin cells and acne.

These drugs, however, are not safe for women trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing as they have been proven to have teratogenic effects on your child leading to malformations in the child.

Oral anti-acne Medicine:


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Those who do not respond to these conventional remedies and treatments often need oral medication.

These must be taken with the prescription of a dermatologist. Often people require, a course of antibiotics varying from one month to six months depending on the severity of acne.

Sometimes a combination of topical (applied treatments) and oral are combined. Oral retinoid may also be recommended to some patients.

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Even with all these treatments, it needs to be emphasized time and again that consistency, and patience is important. Acne treatments take time. One must not lose hope!

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