11 Things You Face If You Were Ever A Part Of A MUN

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Formulating a good argument for a debate is an art. Whether it’s your passion or you want to put yourself at test, it indeed polishes your public speaking, research and writing skills.

And the very best platform to do so are the MUNs. Every Parliamentary MUN that you attend leads to inevitable annoying yet funny consequences.

Here’s 11 things that you may relate to if you’re an active debater in MUNs:

1. The endless memes about attending MUNs.

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Because KYMUN mei tou sirf party hoti hai and har cheez mei logon ko opinions dena zaruri hota hai.

2. Everyone thinks you do all the parliamentary debates for ‘fun’. 

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But where’s the fun in research and resolution papers?

3. Posting a picture wearing a formal coat is basically bait for all the judgmental freaks out there.

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Kyunke apki flower crown wali selfies jaaiz hein laiken humari coat wali nahe?

4. Everyone you know believes that you’re not-so-great in your debater academics and that’s why you’re into debates.

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*points the gun to myself & pulls the trigger*

5. Your squad constantly complains that you’ve made ‘new friends’ 

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Ab delegations eik insaan se toh nae banti na yaar. Samjha karein.

6. Coming across people at events who speak a little too fast.

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Konsi train pakarni hai jee?

7. Or speak so slow that you could tour the world twice

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Humein bhi time dedein please.

8. Unconsciously using informal language in debates. 

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Because I really cannot explain myself without using the word ‘like’.

9. People who only remember you when they want you to get them “andar” at every social event. 

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Jee, aap kon?

10. The one debater in the room who simply cannot stop fixing their hair. 

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Bhais and Bajis, stahp.

11. The awaam who only shows up at these debates for ‘other’ purposes. 

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Aka dusroun ko taarna. *facepalm x10*


But setting everything aside, MUNs are a lot fun! Great exposure and an experience worth reminiscing about. So to everyone who’s been involved, keep debating!

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