11 Things That Can Increase Your Sustenance – Rizq

increase your rizq

Razzaq is one of the ninety-nine names of Almighty Allah which means the Provider, the one who sustains the most. There is a question people ask usually that if Allah is the giver and nourisher of this universe, then why are people suffering from starvation? How can He increase your rizq.

The answer to this question is that Allah has appointed the sustenance for all His creatures but due to some hurdles created by unjust people, His creatures are deprived of food and water. Also, many people are waiting for Allah’s sustenance to reach their homes without working. Can this act be justified in any way?

What should one do if after working hard and putting all their efforts in the performance, isn’t fruitful? Here we have compiled a few ahadith with more than 5 ways to increase rizq, sustenance.

1. By Practicing Taqwa

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Allah says in Holy Quran,

And whoever is careful of (his duty to) Allah, He will make for him an outlet, And give him sustenance from whence he thinks not. (Surah Talaq 3)

2. Recite Laa h’awla wa laa Quwwata illa billaah

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It is said that it was revealed about Auf bin Malik Ashjaee, when the enemies apprehended, his son, he came to Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) and told him the story and also complained about his poverty. The Prophet PBUH said:

Be careful of your duty to Allah and have patience and recite in excess, Laa h’awla wa laa Quwwata illa billaah.

This is the Qurani dua for rizq.

Auf did accordingly. One day when he was at home, his son managed to escape by a camel and return.

3. Pay Zakat And Charity

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Hazrat Ali said, a man came to the Holy Prophet PBUH and said:

Teach me a trait of character due to which Allah and His creatures may love me and Allah may expand my sustenance, my body may remain healthy, my life may be prolonged and I should be with you on Judgment Day.

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH told:

These are six things and they require six qualities: Whenever you want Allah to love you, be afraid of Him and be careful of your duties towards Him. Whenever you want to be dear among others, do good with them and don’t be greedy for what they have. Whenever you want your wealth to increase, give Zakat (wealth tax). If you want health from Allah, give a lot of charity. If you want Allah to increase your lifespan, do good to your relatives and if you want to be with me on Judgment Day, prolong your prostration for Allah.

4. Perform Umrah Or Hajj

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Holy Prophet PBUH commented:

Travel, so that you may remain healthy, fight a war to get war booty and perform Hajj, so that you become independent.

5. Keep Fasts In The Month Of Shabaan

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By doing this, one will be provided with rizq from Allah. The Holy Prophet PBUH said in a tradition:

One fasts for four days in the month of Shaban, his sustenance will expand.

6. Remain In Ablution (Wuzu) Always

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A man complained to the Prophet PBUH about less sustenance. Holy Prophet PBUH replied:

Remain in ablution always so that sustenance should always come to you.

He did accordingly and his sustenance increased.

7. By Eating Food Crumbs From Dinner Spread

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Holy Prophet PBUH said to Hazrat Ali once,

Eat whatever falls on the dinner spread, because it will remove poverty from you, it is the marriage portion for Hourul Ein and anyone who eats it, his heart will be filled with knowledge, forbearance, faith and light.

8. Keep Vinegar At Home

rizq food

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Holy Prophet PBUH said:

Vinegar is the best gravy, members of the house in which vinegar is there, will never become poor.

9. Keep Your Teeth Clean

increase rizq with brushing teeth

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Hazrat Ali narrated the following from the Holy Prophet PBUH:

Almighty Allah will be happy with one who brushes once a day and he will go to Paradise. And one who brushes twice a day, is like he has continued the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet PBUH and Almighty will give him rewards of 100 rakats for every rakat (unit) of Namaz prayed and make him independent and drive away indigence from him.

10. Comb Beard After Ablution

increase your rizq

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The Holy Prophet PBUH said:

To comb the beard after every ablution drives away poverty.

11. Usage Of Rose Water


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The Holy Prophet PBUH said:

Indeed rose water increases the freshness of the face and drives away poverty.

Indeed, these simple deeds our Holy Prophet PBUH asked us to do would increase our rizq when we get done on our part of efforts.

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