11 Things ONLY Medical Students Can Understand

Since ‘Doctor Bahus’ is the ultimate demand of any mother-in-law to be, all the mothers make their doctors study medicine! Still there’s a chunk that pursue career in the field of medicine out of their choice. Well, in any case, their journey is interesting since the struggle is real!!!

1. Family Starts Taking You As A Consultant

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As soon as your family starts taking you as a consultant take admission in a medical college, people start asking you for prescriptions… They don’t realise that ‘Neem Hakeem Is Khatra-e-Jaan’. If by mistake you tell them that you don’t know what’s wrong with them, they will judge you ‘Doctor ho k itna nahi pata?!?’.

2. You Start Speaking A New Language…

Hepaticocholangiocholecystenterostomies is such a regular word for you

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3. People Who Went To Undergrad Schools Are All Probably Married And You Are Still Single!


4. You Watch House And Grey’s Anatomy To Revise

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5. You Realise Scrubs Is All Lies!


6. When People Say That They Have A Tough Schedule, You Just Smile…

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7. Hypochondria is a Permanent Condition
ezgif.com-add-text (16)8. Keeping Your Nerves Calm During VIVA is Indeed A Challenge For You


9. You Over Analyse Everything

If someone tells you some symptoms you start coming up with the worst possible scenarios

10. No Matter What You End up Taking About Medicines And Diseases To Your Friends!

311. And If You Are A Guy…

You are that rare breed, bro!

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