11 Things Girls Obsessed With Makeup Will Understand!

If you live for makeup, and are constantly wondering why people don’t understand your love for it, these are the things you’ll be able to relate to:

1. You feel exposed walking out of the house without makeup


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2. And then you hate it when you bump into someone you know and they ask you if you’re ill



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3. “Why do you wear so much makeup? You should be comfortable in your own skin”

lord is testing

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4. As if unwelcome suggestions weren’t enough, your mother complains about how much you spend on makeup


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5. Tutorial videos are your Bible

binge watching

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6. You can’t appreciate enough the way lipstick makes you look put together

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7. Your makeup collection needs a separate warehouse.


lipstick collection

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8. “Do you do this to impress boys?”

Or, when boys complain about how “artificial” you are


excuse me

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9. That winged eye-liner struggle


eye liner

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10. If someone shows up at the party with bad make-up, you’re just like


bitches got to learn

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11. Despite the huge collection you own, you still find yourself checking out yet another shade of lipstick


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A sale? *screams*

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