11 Super Villains We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With!

1. The Joker

Heath Ledger as the joker will always be etched in our minds, one of the best villains of our time. (R.I.P)


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2. Syndrome

All he wanted was to help his exemplar save people, also he had some pretty amazing hair, but nevertheless his hero shot him down. That is what drove him to a life of crime.


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3. Dr. Hannibal Lecter

He might murder people and serve them with a side of beans, but his fondness for murdering the uncouth and the uncultured feels like an atrocious public service.


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4. Ultron

He is new to this crazy world and his calm determination to destroy the earth really gets the audience going, plus he has a damn cool voice.


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5. Felonius Gru

He aimed for the moon. How could we not love him?


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6. Gollum

Underneath that grotesque peripheral lies he is a little creature that has spent so much time angry and by himself that he has forgotten how to actually live.


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7. Loki

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Loki. He is good-looking, clever, funny, and all-around evil.


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8. Jason Voorhees

Jason is just your malformed, un-dead friend who knows exactly what theater goers want and “executes” that perfectly .


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9. Magneto

He may have tried to destroy all less beings (humans), but all he wanted was to guard his children. Who can hold a man responsible for wanting to protecting his family?


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10. Gordon Gekko

Gekko is definitely a bad guy, he is a bad guy who declines to wear his evil behavior on his sleeve. He silently games the system, fills up his pockets and lives in opulence. No one actually gets hurt, right?

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11. We Saved The Best For Last

This super villain needs no introduction, his voice and persona gives you an instant appreciation for the guy. We have a soft spot for Bane because his evil actions were motivated by love.


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