11 Silly Things You Do When You Have A Crush On Your Teacher

You hate going to school but the only thing that motivates you is the sight of your most beloved teacher. They say teachers get the best out of you… this stands true for the ones you have a crush on… “Jab Ghantay Ki Class Chand Minute Ki Lagnay Lagay Tou Samajh Jao Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…”

1. You Are Never Late For Their Class

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2. You Laugh a Little Too Loudly at Their Jokes


3. Whenever You See Them Passing By…


4. You Are Always Looking For Excuses To Enter Into Their Cubicles


5. Whenever They Take Your Name… ‘Dil Mai Bajjay Guitar’


6. You Pray That They Take Extra Classes – And When They Do… ‘Balay Balay’

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7. You Don’t Care About Other Subjects But Make Sure You Ace The One They Teach!

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8. You Feel Like Killing Those Who Don’t Like Them

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9. You Start Thinking That You May Actually Have a Future With Them


10. Ultimately, Your Friends Start Thinking That You Need To Visit A Doctor



11. You Do Whatever It Takes To Help Them Out


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