11 Secret Things That Happen In Mian Sahab’s Daily Life!!

Call him Shrek, Gulab Jaman, or whatever you wish, our very own Mian Sahab has a cute little side that no one can take away from him. The adorably mischievous repressed kid inside Nawaz Sharif, needs words to show his emotions. Today, we’ve done just that..

1. Mian Angry

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2. Mian Bharambaaz

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3. Mian “Revenge is sweeter than lassi”

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4. Mian Honest

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5. Mian Shady Smartass

8(1) copy

6. Mian Zardari

5(1) copy

7. Mian Unhygienic


8. Mian Selfish Foodie

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9. Mian Not-so-cool

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10. Mian “pakre gaye”

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11. Mian “Good Bwoy”

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